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Biology Field Trip in the Adirondacks! | Saratoga Central Catholic School

Biology students had a wonderful field trip in the Adirondacks to kick off the week! Students had a blast together with this "no screens" day, emerging themselves in all the beauty and offerings of our surroundings in Upstate New York!

Students started the day off by traveling to the Warren County Fish Hatchery to learn how fish are raised and released to local ponds and lakes - an absolutely fascinating process!

From there, they proceeded up to Bolton Landing to Up Yonda Farms. Students participated in private classes studying the watersheds of the area and how we can keep them clean and viable for future generations. They enjoyed "touch tables", viewing native species of the area, played interactive games with the water cycle, built their own watersheds, and ended the day with a hike up a small mountain, getting a beautiful view of Lake George!

What an amazing and memorable day for our students!


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