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Typically, each school year the SCC Drama Troupe perform a High School Play, a Middle School Musical, a High School Musical & An Evening of One Acts.

Most recently, our middle school program put on Matilda Jr.


Mass Choir is open to all grades, 6-12 and they perform for all the school monthly masses, special masses, and Baccalaureate Mass.  Students will meet in church 15 minutes before the mass to rehearse.  We also usually have 2 after school rehearsals throughout the year to learn new music.  Students will receive 1 hour of community service for each mass at which they perform.


Our SCC Chorus is open to everyone in grades 6-12. Students will receive 1/4 credit each year they participate. Responsibilities include attending rehearsals, events and concerts throughout the year. 

Performing Arts Announcements

Ms. Douglass

Music & Drama Teacher

Ms. Douglass has been at SCC for over 10 years and has been dedicated to providing an enriching performing arts program to our students. To learn more about our performing arts program, please contact Ms. Douglass. (

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