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Support SCC

Saratoga Central Catholic School relies on the support and dedication of its parents, friends, alumni and community for the needs and operational expenses it incurs to educate all students and to run our facility.

In an effort to keep tuition low, fundraising support is necessary.

With every donation, Saratoga Central Catholic students benefit from scholarships, new academic programs, tuition assistance, equipment and new facilities that your gifts provide. Whether the gifts are small or large in size the student population of Saratoga Central Catholic is sure to benefit.

To learn more about how you can give today, contact us!

Mrs. Heather Bott, Coordinator of Advancement

Make a Lasting Impact.

As a private Catholic institution, Saratoga Central Catholic School is not funded through local taxes or state government assistance. Our school relies solely on tuition and the generous contributions from alumni, parents, parents of alumni, corporate sponsors, and supportive friends.

  • Make a one-time or recurring gift to the Annual Appeal, our yearly campaign focused on providing scholarships, facility renovations, and necessary equipment for academics, athletics, performing arts, and clubs.

    Give online with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal by clicking the button below. Checks can be mailed and made out to "Saratoga Central Catholic School" with "Annual Appeal" on the memo line.

  • Become a sponsor at one of our major fundraising events!


    The Winter Gala is our largest fundraiser each year, consistently raising over $100,000 for our school. Our faculty, staff, Trustees, alumni, parents, corporate sponsors, and friends come together for an amazing evening raising money and celebrating our school.

    Join us on the greens! The SPA/SCC Golf Tournament happens every spring to raise funds to support our students!

  • SCC accepts gifts of stock. Donating appreciated securities that you've held for over a year offers significant tax benefits, making it an advantageous method of giving and minimizing capital gains tax. Advantages of supporting Saratoga Central Catholic include:

    • You can claim a tax deduction for the total market value of the securities (subject to applicable AGI limitations).

    • You bypass the capital gains tax on the increase in value.

    • Your contribution has an immediate effect at SCC, and our school can sell the securities free from any capital gains tax obligations.

    How to Give:

    1. Decide on Donation: Choose the stock(s) you wish to donate.

    2. Transfer Details: For delivery through a brokerage account: Use DTC# 8862 and Account #808-04115 for the transfer, with the account name being "The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York." For delivery of actual certificates: Please contact Ms. Jennifer Nolan by phone at (518) 462-8330.

    3. Designate Your Gift: In all instances, please designate Saratoga Central Catholic School as the beneficiary, and indicate our location and purpose for your gift. For example, "The proceeds of this sale should benefit Saratoga Central Catholic School, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, and fullfills my Annual Appeal pledge". Please note that if there is no indication of Saratoga Central Catholic School as the beneficiary and the charitable purpose, the transfer may not proceed.

    4. Notify Us: After initiating the transfer, please inform us by contacting both the Diocesan Office and SCC so we can ensure the gift is directed appropriately.. Contact the Diocesan Office at or call (518) 453-6680. Contact SCC at or call (518)587-7070 ext. 505.

    • Typically, when an owner of an IRA reaches 72 years old, the required minimum distribution (RMD) from a traditional IRA is considered taxable income to the owner.

    • However, if the owner directs that required minimum distribution, or any part of it, straight to Saratoga Central Catholic, it qualifies as a charitable donation and the donated amount is omitted from the donor's adjusted gross income for the year in which the donation is made.

    • As you organize your charitable contributions for this year, remember to seek advice from your financial and tax adviser to ascertain the most favorable options for you and your estate planning.

    How to Give:

    1. Eligibility: If you are 72 or older, consider making a donation directly from your IRA.

    2. Donation Limit: You can donate up to $100,000 directly from your IRA to a qualified charity without the distribution being taxed.

    3. Direct Transfer Required: Request your IRA custodian to make a check payable directly to the charity (Saratoga Central Catholic School). This counts towards your required minimum distribution (RMD) and isn't included in taxable income.

    4. No Direct Tax Deduction: Since the donation isn't taxed, you cannot claim it as a tax deduction.

    5. Notify Us: After the direct transfer is made, please let both SCC and the Diocesan Office know. Contact SCC at or (518) 587-7070 ext. 505. Contact the Diocesan Office at or (518) 453-6680.

    • SCC has been the fortunate recipient of several impactful and significant planned gifts. These contributions arrived unexpectedly from the estates of thankful alumni and friends. Regrettably, we missed the chance to express our gratitude to these individuals personally or to celebrate their generosity alongside them.

    • When drafting your will or living trust, you have the option to designate Saratoga Central Catholic as either the sole or a partial beneficiary of your estate.
      If you've included Saratoga Central Catholic in your will or estate plans, please inform us. We would be honored to acknowledge your generosity.

    • A donation to Saratoga Central Catholic can be made to honor a living individual, to memorialize someone who has passed away, or to celebrate a noteworthy occasion from our school history.

    • Tribute and memorial donations offer a meaningful method to respect and continue the values of the person or event being recognized. Families of those honored or memorialized will be informed of the donor’s contribution.

    • If you possess a life insurance policy that is no longer necessary for the support of your spouse, partner, or family, you can designate Saratoga Central Catholic as the beneficiary of that policy, or include Saratoga Central Catholic as one of the policy's beneficiaries.

    • Saratoga Central Catholic would then receive the policy’s death benefit upon your passing.

    • While this method does not offer immediate tax advantages, the value of the policy would be excluded from your estate for federal estate tax considerations.

Ways to Give:

"Remember where your treasure is, your heart is also."

Matthew 6:21

Discover the various ways to give back to Saratoga Catholic School and make a meaningful impact on our community. Whether it's a small or substantial contribution, your support matters. For more information on how to get involved, please contact us.

Ways to Give

Annual Appeal

Make a lasting impact on the current and future students of Saratoga Central Catholic. Your support helps SCC continue it's mission as the #1 Private School in the region! 

Planned Giving

Outright gifts, bequests, trusts, life insurance, and tribute/memorial gifts are all amazing ways to support SCC. 

Corporate Gift Matching

Are you looking to increase your impact, with no additional cost to you?  You or your spouse may work for one of more than 22,000 companies that encourage and support employee philanthropy through corporate gift match programs!

Winter Gala

Saratoga Central Catholic's largest and most successful fundraising event, the Winter Gala helps our school fulfill its mission of providing young adults with a quality, college preparatory education grounded in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

SPA/SCC Golf Tournament

Join us on the greens for some fun while also supporting an amazing school!

Athletics Booster Club

Saratoga Central Catholic's largest and most successful fundraising event, the Winter Gala helps our school fulfill its mission of providing young adults with a quality, college preparatory education grounded in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Your Support is Powerful!

Building for the Future

Your generosity supports renovations and enhancements to our facilities, creating a state-of-the-art learning environment that meets the evolving educational needs of our students and prepares our school for future generations.

Scholarship Opportunities

Donations enable us to offer scholarships to students who may not otherwise be able to afford a Saratoga Central Catholic education, fostering a diverse and inclusive community.

Direct Impact on Education

Your contribution helps us provide high-quality education and resources, ensuring that every student at Saratoga Central Catholic has the opportunity to excel academically, spiritually, and socially.

Sustaining Our Mission

Your support is crucial in sustaining our mission to educate students in a community of faith and learning, preparing them to lead fulfilling lives enriched by their values and experiences at Saratoga Central Catholic.

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