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How Is Faith Integrated Into the Educational Journey at Saratoga Central Catholic School?

In today's world, finding a school that not only provides top-notch education but also nurtures the spiritual growth of its students can be a rare gem. Saratoga Central Catholic School, however, stands out as a 6-12 school that seamlessly integrates faith into its educational journey. Let's take a closer look at how faith plays a vital role in the life of SCC students.

1. Celebration of Mass as a Community

Our school organizes multiple Masses per month, including celebrations of Holy Days. What makes this truly remarkable is that the entire school community, from students to faculty, gathers to celebrate these Masses. It's a moment of unity and spiritual reflection that's at the heart of SCC.

2. Peer Ministry Program: Student-Led Faith Development

In the 11th and 12th grades, SCC students have the opportunity to become part of the Peer Ministry program. These students play a crucial role in leading retreats for their peers and serve as a point of contact for anyone with questions about their faith. This helps create a supportive and approachable environment for students to explore their spirituality.

Our 7th graders recently had their class retreat based around the theme of responsibility.

3. Theology Class

Faith education isn't limited to occasional events at SCC. Our students attend Theology class from 6th through 12th grade. This structured approach ensures that students have a comprehensive understanding of their faith, allowing them to engage with their beliefs on a deeper level.

4. Class Retreats

One of the most exciting aspects of faith at SCC is the opportunity for class retreats. Students embark on journeys to various locations, including Pyramid Lake, Siena College, The College of St. Rose, Saint Kateri National Shrine, and more. They participate in many different activities surrounded by various themes chosen by our Campus Ministry team.

Our junior class recently had a retreat at Siena College!
Our senior class had their retreat at Pyramid Lake Life Center. Noted by our alumni, this is a favorited tradition by our seniors every year!

Saratoga Central Catholic School's commitment to integrating faith into the educational journey goes beyond a mere checklist. It's a lived experience that touches every aspect of a student's life.

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