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Student leaders in the Saratoga Springs community


National Honor Society & National Junior Honor Society!

Welcome to the Omnia Pro Deo chapter of the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society at Saratoga Central Catholic School! We are proud to host this prestigious chapter, dedicated to recognizing and nurturing excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character among our outstanding students. Explore our page to learn more about our mission, members, and the remarkable achievements of our honor society community.

Mrs. Erin Crowther, Faculty Advisor

Ms. Susan Barbolt, Faculty Advisor

National Honor Society students
National Junior Honor Society students
Student leadership opportunities

Selection Procedures

If you have any questions on the selection procedures, please contact the faculty advisors, Mrs. Erin Crowther and Ms. Susan Barbolt

NHS Selection Procedures

NJHS Selection Procedures

Student Council & Class Government

Student Council Officers

President - Annie Munn '23

Vice President - Arden Buhrmaster '23

Secretary - Ellen Grace '25

Senior Class Officers

President - Matthew Murphy

Vice President - Ella Blanchard

Secretary - Gianna Fiordimondo

Treasurer - Aiden Dunne

Representative - Sara Wenke

Representative - Hunter Holmes

Junior Class Officers

President - Aidan Crowther

Vice President - Isabelle Urena-Mimick

Secretary - Caroline Bielefeld

Treasurer - Grace Wall

Representative - Joseph Andrews

Representative - Hannah Holowach

Sophomore Class Officers

President - Leah Akiki

Vice President - Grace Venn

Secretary - Trinity Tonks

Treasurer - Chloe Lawrence

Representative - Sydney Carraci

Representative - Aila Carti

Freshman Class Officers

President - Ava Brown

Vice President - Jason Pescetti

Secretary - Anna Fitzpatrick

Treasurer - Nacy DeVincenzo

Representative - Angelica Dugan

Representative - Kihl Kelly

8th Grade Class Officers

President - Addison Whitbeck

Vice President - Addison Quail

Secretary - Eva Nucera

Treasurer - Robert Mastandrea

Representative - Anthony Usas

Representative - Noelle Corbett

7th Grade Class Officers

President - Margaret Durfee

Vice President - Gabriel Lenz

Secretary - Kayla Zacharewicz

Treasurer - Emilia Mastri

Representative - Hannah Carter

Representative - Jillian VanDeCarr

6th Grade Representatives

Casey Cassier

Jack Cooper

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