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Support SCC

Saratoga Central Catholic School relies on the support and dedication of its parents, friends, alumni and community for the needs and operational expenses it incurs to educate all students and to run our facility.

In an effort to keep tuition low, fundraising support is necessary.

With every donation, Saratoga Central Catholic students benefit from scholarships, new academic programs, tuition assistance, equipment and new facilities that your gifts provide. Whether the gifts are small or large in size the student population of Saratoga Central Catholic is sure to benefit.

To learn more about how you can give today, contact us!

Mrs. Heather Bott, Coordinator of Advancement

Discover the various ways to give back to Saratoga Catholic School and make a meaningful impact on our community. Whether it's a small or substantial contribution, your support matters. For more information on how to get involved, please contact us.

Ways to Give

Annual Appeal

Make a lasting impact on the current and future students of Saratoga Central Catholic. Your support helps SCC continue it's mission as the #1 Private School in the region! 

Planned Giving

Outright gifts, bequests, trusts, life insurance, and tribute/memorial gifts are all amazing ways to support SCC. 

Corporate Gift Matching

Are you looking to increase your impact, with no additional cost to you?  You or your spouse may work for one of more than 22,000 companies that encourage and support employee philanthropy through corporate gift match programs!

Winter Gala

Saratoga Central Catholic's largest and most successful fundraising event, the Winter Gala helps our school fulfill its mission of providing young adults with a quality, college preparatory education grounded in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

SPA/SCC Golf Tournament

Join us on the greens for some fun while also supporting an amazing school!

Athletics Booster Club

Saratoga Central Catholic's largest and most successful fundraising event, the Winter Gala helps our school fulfill its mission of providing young adults with a quality, college preparatory education grounded in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Thank You to All Our Donors of the 2023-24 Annual Appeal!

There's still time to MAKE A LASTING IMPACT on the students of SCC! Make a gift online or by mailing in a check by the end of our fiscal year, June 30, 2024!

*List as of 05/17/2024 at 1:30 p.m.*

1855 Club ($5,000+)
Join the Club!

Click above to join the club!

Golden Saints Club ($2,500 - $4,999)
Join the Club!

David Quinn
Brian Spearman

Academy Club ($1,000 - $2,499)
Join the Club!

Don Messitt
Dr. Canaan Tyner '08
Eileen Venn '95

Veritas Club ($500 - $999)
Join the Club!

Thomas Magovern, MD
Carmen Milligi
Kevin Zacharewicz
Rocco Levo
William '66 and Rose '68 Armstrong
Dennis Snyder '76
William D. Pitney '62
David Vradenburg '67
The Albert Family    
Robert and Sharon Cogan

Halo Club ($250 - $499)
Join the Club!

Hasher Nasir '17
Debra Wood, MD '73
Richard Mullaney '73
Tom and Kristie Roohan '73
Daniel Hogan '82
Jullie Delos
Thomas Huber '88
J. Kevin Jones '73
Dennis & Marianne McGhan
Jeb & Hailey Towne '00
Lew & Linda Benton
Mary Ellen Mathiesen-Tyrrell
Joan & Bill Healy
Kevin R. Kortright
Joann & Kevin Kortright
Bill Toussaint '55
Charles Michael King '58
Fr. Randall P. Patterson
John & Mylea Aldrich
Mary Alice Sherman '74

Purple & Gold Club ($100 - $249)
Join the Club!

Annamaria Bellantoni '85
Tracy Quinn '77
Nikki Hartmann '91
Joshua Cooper
David Redgrave 
David Perrino '71
Karen Jaime
Susanna Marquis '00
Leo Quinn '86
Jeffrey Janczak '93
Nancy Mulholland '70
Patricia Lambert '76
Lewis Benton 
Aiden Lambert '21
Chris Nettleton '85
Jill Ramos '80
Cindy Strack-Choy '80
Tara Testo '98
Paul Finley
Mary Anne Lanzara
Anna Bolt
Michael Kulla '81
Edwin Hammond
Jessica Voskanian '99
Andrew Ryan '86
Lawrence L. Sowers '91
Judy Guthrie & Gale Guthrie Kerr '91
Robert & Theresa D'Andrea
Margaret A. Keefe '60
Thomas J. Lucas
Kate R. Naughton '84
Christian E. Mathiesen, D.M.D.
Phyllis M. Huber
Walter J. & Elizabeth A. Delay
John E. Jurcsak
Charles Dehn
Thomas I. Roman
Peter Maggiore '73
Jamie Viger Roschinsky
Nancy A. Church '87
Stephen Conners '84
Mary Lynn Cimon '62
Kathryn B. Supko
Kathleen LeRoux
David '96 & Andrea '98 Krylowicz
Leo W.  Roohan
Kathryn Snyder Gantz '77
Joshua Tarbay Ed.D. '96
Michael '60 & MaryAnn '61 Fitzgerald
Jerome & Barbara Callaghan
Mary Ellen "Mandy" Rider
Primitivo Africa '87
Keith & Cameron Simons
Thomas J.  Lynch
Arthur J.  Carroll '53
Teresa Jenkins '82
Linda Roohan-Ruth '83
Patricia Jankowski
J.C. Jacquin
Teresa De Long
Diana M. Burke '56

Friends of SCC (Up to $99)
Join the Club!

James Bennett
Mary Youmans
Jane Conners
Natalie Coffman '19
John Fuller '88
Beth Castle
Mark McMullen
Michael Planko
John DeLong '76
Steven Streicher
Peter Montanino
Pamela Hobbins 
Jason Laustrup
Bill Ryan '79
Stephen Towne '68 Family
Amanda Dreher '99
James Bielefeld, P '17
Ellen Korpar '75
Mary K. O'Donnell '67
Michael & Nicole Morris '96
Sr. Lynn Levo '64
Theresa P. Arpei '54
David '72 & Toni (Parisi) '73 Britten
Barbara H. Mansfield '52
John E. Armstrong Jr.  '54
Richard J. Brown
Rosemarie Lambert Barbarulo '75
Peter Finley
Sloan Conners '14
Seth Conners '15
Anne C. Dejnozka
Michael Cummings '67
David Massey '75
Virginia E. Vogel
Evelyn & Ray Bedard, P '05 & '09
Antonia Hanley '75
Scott & Zoe Ann Coleman '59
Tom & Joan Esposito, P '87 & GP '18
James E. Benton, In Honor of Sr. Amanda
Patricia Henel
Camille Faiola Hord '65
Caron Tutor Williams '81
Sister Janet K. Furman '61
Charles R. Hoffman '41
Michael Murnan '74
Thomas & Roxanne Nabozny
Scott Hoge '65
Henry Grant '59

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