Parent Volunteering at SCC

The Parent Volunteer Program at SCC allow parents to volunteer in exchange for the $250 Volunteer Fee. Every family must pay the $250 fee or volunteer for 25 hours between the start of school and April 30th.  Your volunteer hours will be tabulated each time you send in a Volunteer Verification Form to the Advancement Office.  If you sign up for volunteering through a  “Sign-up Genius” email, then your hours are already logged and you are not required to fill out the verification form.  If not, the form can be downloaded from the link below.

Parent Volunteer Verification Form

Parents are responsible to choose volunteer opportunities throughout the year. The Advancement office will not contact you about volunteering opportunities. Please look for opportunities in your email from “Sign-up Genius”. These are frequent and include things like bringing in 2 dozen cookies or paper plates and plastic cups to the office for an upcoming open house (for example, 1 hour for 2 dozen cookies, etc. . . . . the number of hours for each donation is usually stated in the “Sign-Up Genius” email).

You will be reminded in March of your current balance so you have time to complete your hours by the end of April. 

Any family not volunteering the full 25 hours will be billed for the remaining amount in May. FACTS accounts will be locked if this fee is not paid and the family may be deemed ineligible to waive the Parent Volunteer Fee the following year.

There are numerous opportunities to volunteer, some are listed below:

  • Cafeteria Help
  • Open Houses
  • Baking/bringing in food and drinks for events
  • Winter Gala
  • SCC Golf Tournament
  • Giving Day
  • Uniform Closet
  • Athletic Events

All volunteers working with or around students at SCC must:

  1. Have a CMG Safe Environment Certificate (Formerly VIRTUS) –
  2. Complete background check

Please contact Heather Bott at for your volunteer requirements. 


Parent Volunteer Verification Form