2022 Winter Gala Giving

We are deeply saddened that we could not celebrate in person, but we are extremely grateful to our 2022 Winter Gala Giving Sponsors!!!

THANK YOU TO OUR Winter Gala Giving  2022 SPONSORS!


The Moser Family


Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Roohan


Peppie & John Roohan Family


Roohan Towne Family Trust


Jim and Christina Burns


Chad C. Brown Inc

Tim and Rosanne Stauffer

Stone Bridge Iron & Steel, Inc

The Reville Family

The Blanchard Family

The Delos Family

The Fornabia Family

Lawrence Jordan

The Murphy-Goodness Family

Keith & Claudia Stinton

The Wagner Family

Death Wish Coffee Co.

The Adirondack Trust Company

Most Reverent Edward B. Scharfenberger

Lewis & Linda Benton III

Peter Hart

Joann Kortright

Mechanical Testing, Inc.

Michael & Harrilyn Beehner

The Boardman Family

The Jung Family

Margaret Keefe

Kevin Kortright

Carmen Milligi

The Loftus-Graney Family

William Pitney, Sr

The Bott-Fales Family

Arthur Carroll

The Carter Family

Edwin Hammond

Coach Long & Dr. Angela Condy

Coral & Blue Paper Co.

Christian E. Mathiesen, D.M.D.

The Mattes Family

Sean McDonnell

The Munn Family

Network Saratoga, LLC.

Maritza Quezada

Joyce Rice

Elinor Riter

Lawrence Sowers

Rick & Becky Stauffer

Susan Grant

Melanie Bodrog

Peg & Jerry Bradley

John Conners

Michael DiPaolo

Phyllis Huber

Jerrold Jaiven

The Rowe Family

Joanne Wildly

Pamela Hobbins

Gerald Crouth

Linda Macica

Maryanne Weinstein

John & Marianne Still

Kathleen Barrie