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Typical Course Offerings:

1. Statistics for Social Sciences (ATDV 110)

2. Digital Media Literacy (COMM 100)

3. Intro to Literature (ENGL 101)

4. The Shaping of Contemporary World (HIST 101)

5. The West and the World (HIST 102)

6. America in the World (HIST 104)

7. Philosophy and the Human Being (PHIL 101)

8. Reason and Argument (PHIL 103)

9. General Psychology (PSYC 100)

10. The Sociological Perspective (SOCI 101)

11. Fundamentals of Spanish I (SPAN 101)

12. Fundamentals of Spanish II (SPAN 102)

13. Astronomy (ASTR 010)

14. Intro to the Creative Arts (CREA 101)

15. Intro to the Visual Arts (CREA 102)

16. Basic Design I (CREA 112)

17. Drawing I (CREA 200)

18. Acting I (CREA 219)

19. Principles of Economics, Macro (ECON 102)

20. Communications Law and Ethics (JOUR 105)

21. Religion in Western Culture (RELG 101)

22. Business Communication (MGMT 113)



In partnership with Siena College, the Trustees and Administration of Saratoga Central Catholic School have developed a unique advanced academic program to challenge the brightest, most talented and highly motivated members of the SCCS Student Body. The Saint to Saint program will allow selected members of the junior class to enroll at Siena College as non-matriculated Siena students, taking up to three classes in each of the Fall and Spring semesters of their senior year. Classes will be on Siena’s campus between 8:00 am and 12:50 pm, allowing students to return to SCCS for afternoon classes, internships, and extracurricular activities. SCCS students will be participating in the same classes as Siena students, not watered-down classes developed for high school students. Saratoga Saints will be learning side-by-side with Saints! These are the same introductory level courses each Siena student is required to take.


The Saint to Saint program will allow participants to earn up to 24 transferable college credits (most courses are three credits, although there are several four-credit class.) These credits could be applied at Siena if a student decides to matriculate or transferred to another institution of the student’s choice. Program participants will work with their guidance counselor and an advisor at Siena to select course work that fulfills their educational requirements to graduate.

The Cost

In addition to Siena College opening their classrooms to SCCS seniors, they are making the program affordable. Under the Saints to Saints program, Siena College has generously reduced the cost to $340 per COURSE, not credit hour!


Students will apply to the Saint to Saint program in the spring of their junior year. The application pre admission process begins at SCCS with an application pre-read and selection of the most qualified applicants by an admissions committee at SCCS. Applicants will be judged on the following criteria. Academic achievement, admissions essay, extracurricular involvement, service to the community, disciplinary record, and college readiness. Successful pre-applicants will have their admissions packets forwarded to the Siena College Office of Admissions for final review and acceptance

The Courses

Each semester Siena College offers nearly 100 classes between 8:00 am and 12:50 pm. Working with the SCCS Guidance Department and Siena Admissions Office, a curated list of classes offered during the specific semester of attendance will be developed. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the first semester to continue onto the second semester. A full list of all courses offered can be found below.


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