Tuition & Financial Aid


Grades 6 through 8  is $6,820

Grades 9 through 12 is $9,100

International Student Tuition is $13,500

Application  Fee is $100

Volunteer Fee $250  per family.  (The $250 volunteer fee may be waived if the family volunteers 25 hours of their time to the school!)

If you wish to have more information you can contact the school by either phone 518-587-7070 ext. 504 or by email

Be advised that we offer financial aid to students based on need and the amount of financial aid available.  Application must be submitted through FACTS by April 15.

It is now Diocesan Policy that all schools use a Tuition Management Program. This is also true for families that pay tuition, in full, at the beginning of the year. Saratoga Central Catholic School is now using FACTS Tuition Management to manage and collect all tuition fees.

To open an account and/or apply for Financial Aid, go to
This link will take you directly to the Saratoga Central Catholic  School page for FACTS. You will then click onto the “Create a new FACTS Account” and follow the directions.
You can also find more information about FACTS by clicking the following link FACTS Tuition

Financial Aid

Prior to applying for financial aid, an application for enrollment must be submitted to Saratoga Central Catholic School.  Applications for financial aid can only be submitted between February 1st – April 15th.  

Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany Ken and Thelma Lally Tuition Assistance Program

The Ken and Thelma Lally Tuition Assistance Program is a needs-based program open to all students who will be in grades 1 through 12 during the coming school year and who are currently enrolled in a Diocese of Albany Catholic School.


Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany Beacon of Hope Scholarship

The Beacon of Hope Scholarship is available by visiting the link below: