Prospective Families

As a parent, you are the most important influence on your child’s future.  But what about the other people in his or her life?

At Saratoga Central Catholic School, your child will receive an outstanding academic experience from people who share your values.  Nationally, Catholic school students outperform others on standardized tests, lead in graduation rates and are more likely to continue their education at the college level and beyond. SCC students also receive a strong moral and spiritual foundation.

To learn how you can make SCC your choice for educating your child, please call or visit us today!

Mrs. Mary Beth Mantia, (518) 587-7070 ext. 502 or

Testimonials from SCC Graduates

Anna, Class of 2014:

My time spent at Saratoga Central Catholic was extremely influential in shaping the person I am today. People always say “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have a high school teacher that helped to make my dream come true. Junior year, Mr. McGee brought our graphic design class to a local leather shop that had an in house graphics team. I instantly fell in love with the graphic design field.

Whether it be portfolio preparation, learning technical drawing skills, or even life lessons, Mr. McGee has been and still is always there for me. He is a teacher that I will remember forever and someone I will always be grateful to for shaping my passions into a reality.


Mary, Class of 2015:

The biggest cheerleaders in my life have been able to see my triumphs. Lifting me up and believing me in times of darkness and doubt, they always saw light and potential. Mr. McGee is just one of my many supporters, influencing me beyond my time at SCC. I can easily envision myself back in the art room: the smell of cinnamon coffee and paint wafting through the air, the sound of laughter and maybe some Celtic music, the latest projects depicting cherry blossom trees, still lives, chimeras or monsters strewn across the tables and students hanging out during their lunch hour.

I spent so many moments there, in that happy place, listening to Mr. McGee’s stories and seeing his latest artwork or videos. There, I learned many of the fundamental skills I still use in my photography and video work today and was encouraged to pursue independent studies aimed towards developing my photography skills and starting a literary art magazine called SCC Kaleidoscope. I can still hear Mr. McGee sharing the Irish Blessing in class or during morning assembly. It brings a smile to my face just to imagine. As the past unfolds in my mind, it’s echo and presence permeate, just as he does.


Kyle, Class of 2016:

The education I received from Saratoga Central Catholic has helped me greatly in college, while working towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Because I took chemistry, biology, AP biology, and physics at SCC I have noticed myself recalling a lot of important information my SCC teachers taught while taking those same classes at Utica College. Becoming a SCC Peer Minister has also provided me with great leadership and social skills to work with different age groups, I am realizing now how much that will help me later on in my career.


Kevin, Class of 2018:

At the time, I underestimated the quality of the education at Saratoga Central Catholic, but looking back now as a Freshman at Clarkson University I believe that SCC has well prepared me academically and athletically.  It also provided me a good base in leadership to thrive in ROTC.



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100% of Saratoga Central Catholic graduating Seniors are accepted to college.  In 2018, our 36 graduates received over $7.4 million in academic college scholarships.


We believe it is important for ‘tweens and teens to spend seven years with teachers who are happy to be here and want to make a difference in their students’ lives. Saratoga Central Catholic teachers are dedicated, often spending many extra hours after school helping students and keeping parents informed as to student progress.

Value Based Education

A Catholic school isn’t just a place to learn facts and figures. It takes more than that to prepare a child for adulthood. It takes guidance, a sense of purpose, and reinforcement of the values taught at home. Values that they can rely on when they head off to college, out into the work force, and start a family.

It’s easy to make friends and have fun here. If you would like additional information or have other questions, please call Mrs. Mary Beth Mantia,  (518) 587-7070 ext. 502 or