Prospective Families

As a parent, you are the most important influence on your child’s future.  But what about the other people in his or her life?

At Saratoga Central Catholic School, your child will receive an outstanding academic experience from people who share your values.  Nationally, Catholic school students outperform others on standardized tests, lead in graduation rates and are more likely to continue their education at the college level and beyond. SCC students also receive a strong moral and spiritual foundation.

To learn how you can make SCC your choice for educating your child, please call or visit us today!

Mrs. Ellen Bailey, Registration Coordinator at Saratoga Central Catholic, (518) 587-7070 ext. 504 or

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100% of Saratoga Central Catholic graduating Seniors are accepted to college.  In 2018, our 36 graduates received over $7.4 million in academic college scholarships.


We believe it is important for ‘tweens and teens to spend seven years with teachers who are happy to be here and want to make a difference in their students’ lives. Saratoga Central Catholic teachers are dedicated, often spending many extra hours after school helping students and keeping parents informed as to student progress.

Value Based Education

A Catholic school isn’t just a place to learn facts and figures. It takes more than that to prepare a child for adulthood. It takes guidance, a sense of purpose, and reinforcement of the values taught at home. Values that they can rely on when they head off to college, out into the work force, and start a family.

It’s easy to make friends and have fun here. If you would like additional information or have other questions, please call Mrs. Ellen Bailey, Registration Coordinator at Saratoga Central Catholic, (518) 587-7070 ext. 504 or