Chorus, Mass Choir, and Performing Arts

SCC Chorus

Our SCC Chorus is open to all grades, 6-12.  We will meet after school each week on Thursdays, beginning October 22nd, 2021.  During the pandemic we will meet in The Music Room in the St. Peter’s Parish Center, Room 202. Due to the size of this room, we are able to be 12 feet apart and allowed to sing! A schedule will be provided as to times and dates of rehearsals and performances. 

Students involved in sports after school will be allowed to attend the Thursday rehearsals if it is a practice.  They will be excused from chorus on game nights.

Students will receive 1/2 credit for attending rehearsals and events and concerts throughout the year.  Please check in with Ms. Douglass each week if you will be attending.  Students will receive a grade for chorus.

During the pandemic we will be performing virtually!

For any questions or to sign up, please email Ms. Douglass

SCC Mass Choir

This choir is currently on hold due to the pandemic.

Usually, Mass Choir is open to all grades, 6-12 and they perform for all the school monthly masses, special masses, and Baccalaureate Mass.  Students will meet in church 15 minutes before the mass to rehearse.  We also usually have 2 after school rehearsals throughout the year to learn new music.  Students will receive 1 hour of community service for each mass at which they perform.

SCC Performing Arts/SCC Players

Typically, each school year the SCC Players perform a High School Play, a Middle School Musical, and a High School Musical. We hope to begin soon!

Please click here for more information on the SCC Players.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ms. Douglass  (518) 573-4346