PowerSchool allows you to have real time updates to your student’s grades and attendance as well as daily email bulletins and summaries of your student’s progress.

Saratoga Central Catholic believes it is the parent’s responsibility to keep up to date on their student’s progress throughout the year.

Click here to access PowerSchool.

The mobile app District Code is: QGRZ

Accessing Report Cards on PowerSchool:

1) log onto PowerSchool on your computer (not the phone app)

2) there are selections on the left side “Navigation” panel, click on “Grade History”

3) select the tab for the school year in which you are interested (2020-2021, for example)

4) click on the printer icon on the upper right hand corner of the page to print the report card

Please Note:

If you need a login, please contact Mr. Kilmade (jkilmade@saratogacatholic.org).  Also, when you are viewing the report in PowerSchool, if you click on the grade for each subject, you will see teacher’s comments at the top of the page as well as all individual assignments’ grades.


For a quick introduction to PowerSchool and how to use it, please click here.