Dress Code

2021-22 Physical Education Uniform

SCC students are not required to purchase a PE uniform however you must follow dress down rules and wear appropriate footwear for gym.  All students will wear the school uniform to school each day and will bring gym clothes to change into on gym days.  If you would like to purchase last year’s gym uniform please use the following link

Uniform Dress Code

Students must be in full uniform upon entering homeroom, and they must remain so for the entire school day. Students who are out of uniform as determined by the administrator will be assigned detention and/or phone calls home.

The administration may refuse to allow a student to attend classes until the student is in uniform. In these cases, the parent or guardian of the student may be called to either bring in the needed uniform attire or to bring the student home to change. Students may lose the privilege of participating in dress-down days.

Students need to be aware that when they are in full uniform, they must act in a respectful and appropriate manner, whether it is during school hours or while in the community. Students need to take pride in the wearing of their school uniform and the school that they represent.

Purchasing Uniforms

Uniform purchase – all garments with the exception of PE Uniforms and shoes should be purchased through Student Styles by Smith, Inc. (518-220-9244)

You can access Student Styles online by using the following web address:



Shirt – All students must wear the official dress code white polo shirt with the purple school logo from Student Styles (long-sleeved or short-sleeved). Students are not allowed to wear any other polo shirt. The shirt must be tucked into the trousers or skirt at all times. Male students may only wear either a solid white or light gray t-shirt under the official school polo. Female students may wear either a solid white or light gray camisole/undergarment or t-shirt under the official school polo.

Pants/Skirt – Student Styles has one style of navy blue plaid skirt for SCCS.  No other styles are to be worn. Skirts must be no shorter than a credit card length above the knee. Grey trousers are purchased through Student Styles. Flat front as well as pleated styles are available. Girls and boys may both wear pants. No other pants are to be worn.

Navy Blue Pullovers – Use of the school pullovers are optional during the school year. Students are not allowed to wear any other sweater or sweatshirt over their school polo shirt.

Belt -Black web belts from Student Styles must be worn with pants at all times. No other color or style of belt will be permitted.

Socks – Girls must wear knee-high navy blue socks or navy blue tights. Tights may not be ripped or patterned. Boys may wear any color socks.

Shoes – Shoes are to be all black, including any logos. Open-toe, sandals, flip flops or boots are not permitted.

Jewelry – Extreme or excessive jewelry (i.e., facial rings, nose piercings, body piercing, etc.) will not be allowed.

Hair – Hair must be neat and clean. No extreme hair styles or colors will be allowed.

Headwear – No head wear of any kind may be worn during the school day.


2020-21 Dress-down Rules

  • Sneakers or shoes must be worn. Sandals or open back shoes are not permitted.

  • Socks must be worn.

  • All shirts must be long enough to be tucked into pants or skirts.

  • Leggings or yoga pants are permitted for girls but a shirt or sweatshirt must cover the student’s bottom.

  • Shirts must have sleeves.  Spaghetti straps are not permitted.

  • Hats are not permitted.

  • Ripped jeans or jeans with holes are permitted if skin above a student’s knee is not exposed.

  • Athletic sweatpants will be permitted, no holes or rips in them.

  • Clothing with offensive or controversial sayings/slogans/logos (as determined by the faculty) are not permitted.

  • Only hairstyles permitted on ordinary school days are allowed.

  • Shorts are permitted during September, May, and June.  Shorts are subject to the same length policy as skirts.