Message from Principal Kondratowitcz: April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are all dealing with difficult times as we live in an environment affected by COVID-19. Our school is closed. Most of us are at home. Our students are not able to participate in many activities they normally do. Teachers, students, and parents are working through the problems associated with continuing the educational process online because of the current conditions. This is new to us. There is a huge learning curve that all of us will be navigating together. We will get better at it with experience.

The current situation is creating anxiety for everyone. We need to be patient with each other. We must communicate our concerns to each other. It is particularly important for parents, teachers, and administrators to recognize and listen to the feelings of our students. This is a particularly uncertain and challenging time for them. The students need to know that the adults in their lives will help them to meet these challenges.

The third quarter marking period is ending on April 8th. In observance of Easter Break, we will temporarily suspend online instruction beginning Holy Thursday, April 9, through Friday, April 17th. The teachers and I recognize the unusual circumstances we have all been under these last three weeks. We will have a virtual faculty meeting soon and discuss grading for the third quarter. We will be sensitive to our current circumstances as well as to individual student situations that have arisen. Report cards will be posted on Powerschool following Easter Break.

Encourage your child to engage in the online learning process and do the best they can. Please stay in contact with us regarding any concerns you have. I certainly will continue to keep you informed as I receive new information.

We will get through this together! Let us all pray for each other.


Michael Kondratowicz
Interim Principal