Families Continuing In A Catholic Education

Families Continuing in a Catholic School Education:


We are happy to share with you that Saratoga Central Catholic’s enrollment is continuing to grow. With that in mind we have decided to implement a new program for our Catholic Partner schools. The new program will be an “Early Action Program”. Details of this program are as follows:


SCC’s “Early Action Program”


*   This program is offered to Elementary Catholic School families, grades 5 & 8.


*   Applications are accepted beginning on November 1 through December 31.


*   Submitted applications have a guaranteed spot, but are NOT obligated to

attend SCC for the up coming 2020-2021 school year.


*   The deadline, to notify SCC on a final decision for enrollment, is April 15,




It is our hope that this program will help our Catholic School Families feel secure in knowing that their children will be able to continue with a values based Catholic education. If you have any questions concerning our Open House opportunities or the “Early Action Program” please feel free to contact me.


Mary Beth Mantia


587-7070 ext 2