SCC Players


“… the arts and humanities play a vital role in the educational development of students …”

 — David J. Skorton, President, Cornell University

SCC Players was founded in 2011 to support Music and Drama programs at Saratoga Central Catholic High School.   With many arts programs falling victim to budget cuts, Saratoga Central Catholic is in a unique position with a very strong arts program.  There is always room for improvement, though.  Many of our students go outside SCC to find the arts components that enrich their lives.

Akin to the Athletics Booster Club, SCC Players holds fundraisers in support of arts programming at SCC.  Our school year begins by developing the shell of the Playbill, the program used at all three productions during the school year.  Advertising is sold to local businesses and organizations to support the development of the Playbill, with the promise of being in front of audience members throughout all three productions.  While the advertisements remained the same, the interior is changed for each production.  Refreshments and ticket sales from the performances,  help offset costs of each production, ending with a small surplus each time.

Our main fundraiser of the year is our annual Performing Arts Benefit.  Plans are already underway for this year’s event, an “80’s Dance Party,” which will be held on Friday, November 4th, 2016, from 7-10pm at the Saratoga Knights of Columbus.  Music will be provided by The Electric City Horns and our own SCC students with special guests, KAKT3!

All funds raised go back into programs at SCC.  Our immediate wish list items include

  • Bringing instrumental music back into the school either as a class or an extracurricular activity
  • Upgrading our sound system with new  wireless mics for use in plays and musicals
  • Enhancing the Performing Arts space located at St. Peter’s Parish Center by completion of the curtains on and off the stage, railings, and drop ceiling repaired.

To do this, we need your help.  This year, we have a small group of parents to help Ms. Douglass with all of these items.  To continue growing, we need the help of many.  If you can:

  • Work the refreshment stand or sell tickets at the door of a show
  • Sell advertising for Playbill
  • Securing sponsors for the program
  • Help put together this years’ benefit
  • Help find and write grant proposals
  • Suggest other creative ideas

Finally, we are trying to reach outside traditional SCC and Saratoga marketing avenues.  Our families are asked to contribute regularly and businesses downtown are asked to contribute or advertise daily.   Thinking outside the traditional fundraising “box” is greatly appreciated.

Quote from David J. Skorton essay “The Arts are Essential,” found on Edutopia, What Works in Education from the George Lucas Education Foundation  (