2017 Walk-a-Thon

The 2016 Diocesan Walk-a-thon was a success, raising over $18,000 toward the SCC Angel Fund for tuition assistance!

We are so proud of our students for collecting donations for the SCC Angel Fund! They have helped their fellow classmates and should be proud of themselves.

Walk-A-Thon: Friday, October 6th, 2017

The Walk-a-Thon is an annual event designed to increase the visibility of our school in the community and raise money for the SCC Angel Fund. The SCC Angel Fund is a tuition assistance fund for families in need of financial aid. Each year, we receive requests for tuition assistance from our SCC families.  SCC strives to give tuition assistance to as many as possible but we have been unable to meet the financial needs of everyone.

In preparation for the Walk-a-Thon, students are asked to collect donations from community members, neighbors, relatives and family friends.  Our hope is that each SCC family will collect at least $100 and not require parents to donate.

For each family that collects $100 in donations, your name will be placed into a raffle for an iPad Mini!

For every additional $50 collected, we will add another raffle ticket in your name.

The 25 families who raise the most for the SCC Angel Fund will receive an SCC Angel Card which will allow free admission to this year’s Saints Basketball Games in the 2016 – 2017 academic year.  In addition, each SCC student in these families will receive four tickets valid for a dress-down day for this school year.

Please click here for the Information Sheet, Script and Sign-up Sheet

Please click here for the Handout for Donors